Episode 42: Remembering John Dunsworth

Dan learns that his hero, actor John Dunsworth, has passed away and connects with Canadian actor Matt Chisholm to share memories about John. We listen back to Episode 30 when Dan first interviewed John in New York City in 2013. Beware of the shit hawk…

Episode 41: Leigh Foster Hates Bullshit

Dan’s back from the dead! After nearly five years away, Dan discovers a new top dog in town: actor Leigh Foster and his acting podcast “Action: The Pursuit of Acting Excellence.” Booking work, quality information, Ultimate Warrior vs. Hulk Hogan.

Episode 40: Simple As That

Dan says goodbye (for now). Rebecca BMW, Leigh Foster, Nariko Ott, Nathan Blackwell, Todd Raines, Woody Allen, Kelsey Olsen, the ghost of Dan’s mom, Stan Rodandan, Corey Bowen, Jim Lahey, and many more call in to pay their respects. Simple as that.

Episode 39: Lorne Michaels is a Mushy Old Sandwich

Dan teaches us about being a “script girl,” how nose guards save us from mustache tickles, how to force ourselves to feel things, how real life is a lie, how the only way to get popular is to fake your own death, and even Lorne Michaels calls the hotline!

Episode 38: Live at the Treehouse Theater

Dan is invited to coach acting LIVE at the Treehouse Theater in New York City. Guests include standup comedian Sean P. Darr and the Improv Troupe “Last Minute.” After the taping, Dan receives a very special invitation from a very special Saudi Prince.

Episode 37: Dear Lorne Michaels

Dan decides that it’s time to “go big or go home,” and since he doesn’t have a home to go to, he decides to make a plea to Lorne Michaels for a spot on Saturday Night Live by auditioning a few characters and impersonations. Are you listening, Lorne?

Episode 36: Promoting Your Online Projects

Dan rings in the new year with a goal to “make it big” by becoming one of The Biggest Losers. He also talks with director Nathan Blackwell about the challenges of promoting Internet content, like podcasts and Nathan’s sci-fi web series, Voyage Trekkers.

Episode 35: The 42nd St. Elmo Gang

Dan’s had a busy summer performing Shakespeare in the Park for tourists and trying to get in good with the 42nd St. Elmo Gang, AKA the Times Squaremos. After inviting the gang to join him on a Saturday Night Fever pub crawl, Dan’s luck turns around.

Episode 34: How To Make Money Acting in New York City

Dan is forced to leave his home in the Hawaiian Gardens area and take a Greyhound bus to the big ankle: New York City! He talks with his one-week sublet roommate about some ways to make a quick buck in the city, mostly performing for tourists.

Episode 33: The Perfect Oscar Speech

Dan gives us the recipe for the perfect Oscar acceptance speech and also gets mixed up in some illegal Academy Awards betting. He puts all his money on Nebraska because, duh, it’s black and white.