Episode 32: MTV’s Ratfished

Love is in the air as Dan meets young Rebecca BMW to discuss her dreams of becoming a Hollywood actress — that is, if her plans for becoming a Yarn Queen fall through. Dan gets more than he bargained for.

Episode 31: Character Exorcism

Dan’s past catches up with him as a young Dave Braithwait (Episode 9: You Monster, Harrison Ford!) returns, stuck in villainous-character mode. Will Dan be able to cure him of his method acting or will Evil continue to get mail in the Danger Zone?

Episode 30: Being John Dunsworth

Dan talks with his acting hero, John Dunsworth, about playing Jim Lahey on the hit Canadian television show Trailer Park Boys, sympathetic acting, synchronization, and characterization.


Episode 29: The Musical!

Dan sells some plasma in order to take some singing lessons and gives some sage advice to a 17-year-old boy from Arizona who WANTS TO BE A STAR. Got Q’s? Dan’s got A’s! Call (917) 2148-DAN or e-mail him at

Episode 28: Let’s Learn About Magic

Dan gets his first Facebook criticism from poet, writer and director, Don Baldwin, Todd Raines helps us learn about magic, and Dan answers yours calls. Please call or e-mail us your showbiz questions! (917) 2148-DAN or

Episode 27: A Voice Not Over, Joel Godard

Dan visits the legendary voice actor, Joel Godard. His credits include Dateline NBC, Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. Today, Joel shows Dan how to read copy like a boss and shares the definition of the word “zaftig.”

Episode 26: It’s Not Your Fault

Dan is back taking your calls! In this episode, Dan coaches Chicago-based actor Leigh Foster on how to deal with rejection after the handsome young man was not cast in a Cheerios commercial. Got questions?; (917) 2148-DAN

Episode 25: The Nat Towsen “Tight Five”

Dan gets a lesson from comedian Nat Towsen on how to prepare a tight five-minute standup comedy routine and develop it for the late night talk show circuit. Nat discusses the importance of crowd work, laugh lines, haymakers, and not “blowing the light.”

Episode 24: Summer Lovin’

Dan meets a singer in line for a flu vaccine and brings him back to his place where they discuss the ancient oriental art of karaoke, Terry Gilliam’s “Brazil”, Larry Bird, small pox, and coaches him on the song “Summer Nights” from the musical “Grease.”

Episode 23: “Our Kiki” With Playwright Seth Tucker

Dan gets out of his apartment today to interview actor, singer, director, and playwright Seth Tucker about his new play, Our Kiki: A Gay Farce, which will premiere at the New York City Fringe Festival on August 9th at the Connelly Theatre.