Episode 12: Extra Tips

Dan and his guest, Ballrog Mofesto, discuss the lessons they’ve learned working as movie extras. Also, Dan takes your calls. Can an actor survive on good looks alone? How can one act on killing a lion? How do I fake a fake orgasm? (917) 2148-DAN

Episode 11: The Art of the Meme

Dan Rodandan explains the mystery behind the “Harlem Shake” and teaches you how to go viral and make your own popular internet videos! Also, Dan’s feud with a 14-year-old film auteur continues. Call (917) 2148-DAN to ask your own showbiz questions!

Episode 10: Dan’s Oscar Picks

Dan Rodandan picks Zero Dark Thirty for Best Picture, Denzel Washington for Best Actor, and is surprised to learn that Tommy Lee Jones is nominated for Lincoln. Plus, Giovanni Guzmales gets back at Rodandan for bad-mouthing his masterpiece, Fart Police.