Episode 22: “It’s A Disaster” With Director Todd Berger

Dan’s guest today: an actual, real-life movie director, Todd Berger! Todd discusses his latest film, “It’s A Disaster”, starring Rachel Boston, David Cross, America Ferrera, Julia Stiles, Erinn Hayes, Blaise Miller, Jeff Grace, and Kevin M. Brennan!

Episode 21: How To Act Like You’re Still In Love With Someone

Dan takes your phone calls! In this episode, Dan gives advice to a young woman who’s acting in a play about bullying and tells us how to act like you’re still in love somebody. Call and leave an acting question on Dan’s answering machine: (917) 2148-DAN!

Episode 20: The Dan Rodandan Comiconcast Take Two The Sequel The Squeakquel

Dan returns to coach acting to Kelsey Olsen and Todd Raines in a Kennedy Brothers script at the Phoenix Comicon. We meet a ghost from the past, some dead ducks, and John Goodman. Please call in with your acting and showbiz questions. (917) 2148-DAN

Episode 19: Live From Comicon

Dan lectures at the Phoenix Comicon, talks to a Pokemon, and like M. Night Shyamalan, there are many twists and turns. Todd Raines. Choas reigns. Kennedy Brothers. Kelsey Olson. Buses. That one girl’s mom. And a phone call from a BIG TIME HOLLYWOOD AGENT.

Episode 18: Acting Innocent When You’re Clearly Guilty

Dan’s answering machine is back online! Today, Dan helps you act innocent when you’re guilty, helps your son become Indiana Jones, is offered a gift from a fan, is threatened by someone from his past, and gets a call from a big-time Hollywood agent!

Episode 17: Seinfeld-Style Comedian Tim Tagtmeyer Interviewed Marc Maron-Style By Dan Rodandan

Dan talks to LA comedian Tim Tagtmeyer about the LA comedy scene, “bringer” shows, mustaches, the nature of comedy, radio DJs, Salt and Peppa, and the Big Red Rock-Eater. Let Dan answer all your showbiz questions! Call and leave a message: (917) 2148-DAN!

Episode 16: Romantic Comedy Monologues

Dan has his very first live female guest and up-and-coming actress, Kelsey Olsen! Maui Wowie! Together, he coaches her through some romantic comedy monologues from Love Actually and… others. Call in with your showbiz questions (917) 2148-DAN!

Episode 15: Taking Over Hollywood

Dan has a very special guest today live via his telephone, the magical Todd Raines, who plans to take over Hollywood and become the next Indiana Jones, James Bond, James Franco, and Shia LaBeouf. Got showbiz questions? Call Dan at (917) 2148-DAN!

Episode 14: Improv Hotline

Dan’s phone bill over-drafted his Wells Fargo account so he missed your calls and his tap-dancing guest sprung his ankle and had to cancel, so Dan does what he always does when he’s alone: he calls the Improv Hotline. Call (917) 2148-DAN with questions!

Episode 13: Crying On Camera, On Stage, And At Home

Dan shares his experience crying in front of people, on stage, on camera, and in front of people. He also tells us that Rudy (1993) is one of the saddest movies ever made. Plus, Dan apologizes to a female caller and sings some Baltimora. (917) 2148-DAN